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Home / Uk Immigration / Hsmp Skilled Immigration / Hsmp Point Calculator

Free HSMP Point Calculator

Resource for the latest information of Free HSMP Point Calculator. Here you will find the latest information of Free HSMP Point Calculator along with UK immigration HSMP, Canada Immigration, Australia Immigration, New Zealand Immigration, USA Immigration and Work Permits.

Free HSMP Point Calculator

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HSMP Point Calculator According to the New Rules

Use this HSMP Assessment Form as Free to find out if you qualify for the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) according to the new rules with effective from 8th november 2006.

" You must score at least 75 points to be eligible. "Note that you do not have to score points in all categories to qualify under the programme, as long as you score a total of at least 75 points.

What is your age?

27 or Under - 20 points
28 or 29 -10 points
30 or 31 - 5 points
32 and Over - 0 points

What are your educational qualifications?

Diploma/ Graduate - 30 points
Master's degree - 35 points
PhD - 50 points

Do you Have UK experience or Study in UK ?

You can score five points if you have previous experience of living in UK or have gained a degree level Qualification or Higher in UK.

How many years of work experience do you have?

According to new HSMP rules with effective from 8th november 2006 there are no points for experience.
0 points

Does your spouse hold a graduate degree ?

According to new HSMP rules with effective from 8th november 2006 there are no points for spouse.
No - 0 points

About achievements in your chosen field

According to new HSMP rules with effective from 8th november 2006 there are no points for achievements.
No achievements - 0 points

According to the new HSMP rules now every body can claim points in earning.

What is your income for the last 12 months ?

Income levels are determined by the country you have worked in the most recent 12 months. Figures below are in GBP or British Pounds and are of last 12 months.


for all age groups

Band D Counties :
, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc

3,000+ 05 points
3,400+ 10 points
3,800+ 15 points
4,300+ 20 points
4,900+ 25 points
5,500+ 30 points
6,000+ 35 points
6,600+ 40 points
7,500+ 45 points

Band C Counties :
Brazil, China, Egypt, Russia, Iran, South Africa etc

5,000+ 05 points
5,600+ 10 points
6,300+ 15 points
7,200+ 20 points
8,100+ 25 points
9,100+ 30 points
10,000+ 35 points
11,000+ 40 points
12,500+ 45 points

Band B Counties :
Bahrain, Malaysia, New Zealand, Oman, South Korea, Saudi Arabia etc

7,000+ 05 points
8,000+ 10 points
9,000+ 15 points
10,000+ 20 points
11,500+ 25 points
12,500+ 30 points
14,000+ 35 points
15,313+ 40 points
17,500+ 45 points

Band A Counties :
Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore, UAE, UK, USA

16,000+ 05 points
18,000+ 10 points
20,000+ 15 points
23,000+ 20 points
26,000+ 25 points
29,000+ 30 points
32,000+ 35 points
35,000+ 40 points
40,000+ 45 points

None of the above - 0 points

- Income levels stated above are in British Pounds
- 1 Pound = Rs.88/- (Indian Rupees) and Rs. 112/- (Pakistani Rupees)
- Currency converter
- for an exhaustive list of countries, please visit the government site.

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